Having an open house for the sale of your home can be an intimidating process. Here are some handy-dandy things you can do to, aside from properly pricing your home, to ensure a successful open house.

  1. Open House SignStaging. Long before your home hits the market, you should have begun planning and preparing for the sale. Your home, inside and out, should be cleaned, de-cluttered, and neutralized for guests. Neutralizing the space not only means toning down colors, but it also means freeing the environment of anything that may be of sensitive nature, such as hunting trophies or political statements. If a potential buyer gets a bad taste in their mouth over differing personal opinions, they may lose interest in the property. Make sure you properly stage your home before having your open house.
  1. Mix modern technology with old school practices. Your home should be listed electronically on all the websites and real estate apps being used by today’s buyers. But, you should also have a good, old-fashioned sign in the yard. Although you may have an e-letter featuring all of the homes qualities, you’ll still want to have printed materials on hand to send away with guests, including copies of any pre-sale inspections such as termites, etc.
  1. Put your pets away. Having a dog barking at you through the back French doors is not the best way to tour an open house. Pet fur may cause allergic reactions, and the litter box may deter potential buyers. During the open house, find a place for your pets to spend the day safely, whether it’s with a friend or family member, or boarded at the local kennel.
  1. Being present is good advice for most activities, but not for an open house. Trust your real estate agent to do his or her job and vacate the premises for the day. It can be nerve-racking watching people comb through your home, opening doors and drawers and “snooping” through your things. Treat yourself to a well-deserved day at the spa, a game of golf, or a shopping excursion to take your mind off of things while your agent works his or her magic.
  1. Security is imperative. You are opening your home to strangers who will be looking into, over, on, and through every nook and cranny in your home. Remove sentimental or expensive objects such as jewelry, remove any weapons, and clean out anything that may otherwise be a loss or an embarrassment if discovered or taken.
  1. woman holding door openDisplay photographs and information about local amenities, community features, and things to do in the area. Remember, potential buyers aren’t just buying a house, they’re buying a neighborhood, so show them what they’ll be gaining access to when they purchase your home. These photographs and info sheets may include community pools, recreation center, clubhouse, tennis courts, nearby parks, favorite restaurants, and any other features that may attract potential buyers.
  1. Tempt their tummy with something yummy! It’s always a good idea to have warm, freshly baked goods on a kitchen counter during an open house. The smell invites potential purchasers into the space, and gives the room a warm, comfortable feeling of being lived in.
  1. Consider having a guestbook for your open house. By obtaining names and phone numbers of potential buyers, your agent can then follow up with them later in the week. Your real estate agent will be looking for valuable feedback from guests so that adjustments can be made accordingly to expedite the sale of your home.
  1. Relax. You’ve hired a real estate agent you can trust who is an expert at what they do. You’ve correctly staged your home. Your open house has been marketed wisely using modern technology and old school techniques, and your guests are being provided with honest, up-to-date information about the features of your home and the amenities in your community.

You may feel as if your future happiness hinges on the success of your open house.  You’ll want to use every available tool and resource to up the anti on the showing of your home during your open house to garner competitive offers. Give us a call today at 646-639-4155 to discuss how we can help sell your house.

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