9 Ways to Have a Successful Open House

Having an open house for the sale of your home can be an intimidating process. Here are some handy-dandy things you can do to, aside from properly pricing your home, to ensure a successful open house. Staging. Long before your home hits the market, you should have begun planning and preparing for the sale. Your … Continued

Things to Do in Manhattan

Manhattan, New York is buzzing with bustling activity, a plethora of people, and more things to do than you can imagine. Yes, you can enjoy fine dining, shopping, Broadway shows, visit museums, and other touristy-to-dos, but there are certain aspects of Manhattan you’d be remiss to have missed. These must-see attractions are Central Park, the … Continued

How to Buy a Home in Another State

Buying a new home is both exciting and frightening, but it’s a different game entirely when you’re shopping for a home in a different state from where you currently live. You may be at a disadvantage by not being familiar with neighborhoods and their nuances in the new state to which you’re moving, and may … Continued

Tips for Staging Your Kitchen

The kitchen is where we foster nutrition, fun flavors, delightful delicacies, create yummy concoctions, and is the room where households often spend a majority of their time. So when you’re staging your home to sell, you should pay particular attention to creating a warm, vibrant, clean, and welcoming kitchen. Here are a few important but … Continued

Look Closer Before You Buy That House

Looking for your dream house can be so much fun, especially once your loan has been pre-approved and you know what you’re shopping for in a home. You’ve got your list of must-haves, and you’ve got a list of deal-breakers, so it’s time to put on your walking shoes and tour available properties. But don’t … Continued