The kitchen is where we foster nutrition, fun flavors, delightful delicacies, create yummy concoctions, and is the room where households often spend a majority of their time. So when you’re staging your home to sell, you should pay particular attention to creating a warm, vibrant, clean, and welcoming kitchen. Here are a few important but simple tips for staging your kitchen when selling your house.

Staged KitchenClean

Cleanliness is first and foremost in staging your kitchen. Top to bottom, side to side, and inside-out, your kitchen should be spotless. But don’t worry, if the thought of scrubbing your kitchen gives you creepy-crawlies, you can always outsource that task to a professional cleaning company. Professional cleaning is an investment well made when it comes to staging your home to sell. Let your nose do the talking. Sniff around and be hyper-vigilant about any sour, moldy, or unpleasant odors. Nasty odors could lead potential buyers to believe there are problems with the home’s plumbing or other problems that might arise from lack of care.


While your household may have used dozens of pots and pans,  a vast collection of tableware and a drawer stuffed full of cutlery, not to mention the infamous junk drawer, potential buyers prefer seeing a few coordinated pieces thoughtfully and spaciously placed. Declutter. Keep what you need, and pack away the extras. You may be in love with the salt and pepper collection you’ve acquired over the years, but potential buyers won’t be, so pack it up and keep it out of sight for the time being. Counter-tops should be clean and clear of clutter. Spacious counter-tops are an attractive feature in kitchens, and if you cover them up with chaos, they’ll seem smaller and less appealing. Your kitchen may be less user-friendly to you during the staging process but is imperative to keep clean, organized, and free of debris.


An outdated kitchen can be a terrible turn off to potential buyers. Shoppers want to envision themselves using the space, move-in-ready. Potential buyers should be able to imagine cooking on the stove and creatively using counter space. If your appliances are antiquated, consider upgrading. Your investment doesn’t need to be high-end or top of the line, but shiny and new goes a long way in kitchen presentation. If the cabinets are looking aged and worn, no need to replace them all together. Paint the cabinets a light, bright color and switch out the hardware for something snazzy.

staged kitchen darkerNeutralize

Paint the room with bright yet neutral shades, and then add pops of color with potted flowers, bowls of fruit or other accessories that add life to the space.

Embrace the sunshine! Windows should be clean, and blinds, shades, or curtains should be open. Open curtains not only allow the golden rays in but also allow potential buyers to assess the views from the kitchen. If windows are dressed, make sure the dressings are correctly installed to maximize the size of the window. Hanging curtains too low, or using curtains that are too short can make windows seem smaller than they are.


Fresh baked goods accomplish two things in a staged kitchen. First, they provide an aroma that beckons guests to follow their nose. Secondly, they provide a “lived in” feel to the kitchen that is warm and inviting. Although you do want to minimize clutter and keep the area super clean, you don’t want it to feel cold and sterile. Fresh baked goods add pleasant scents to the home and show a kitchen that’s lovingly and actively lived in.

Staging your kitchen doesn’t need to be expensive or difficult. Allow your senses to investigate. If something is broken, replace it. If it’s dirty, clean it. If it stinks, get rid of it. Know that potential buyers are going to explore – they will open doors, drawers, and pantries, so make sure those areas are de-cluttered and well organized. Once the bare bones are tended to, it’s time to decorate, accessorize, and liven up the space in such a way that potential buyers walk in and feel right at home.

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